• Songs From the Soul Vol.1

Songs From the Soul Vol.1


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In December of 2005, while on our annual holiday concert tour, we sat down and devised a plan for a new album, one that would be different than anything we’ve done in our 16 years together. The only criteria at the time was that it would be a tribute album, that it would not be Christmas music, and that it would not be a cappella. It would be a collection of music that would be so universal that we could perform it for any audience, at any time of the year.

A few months later, we were back home emailing song ideas to each other, but a concept had not yet been established. Eventually, we saw a trend surfacing in our song choices. We were naturally gravitating to some of the most wonderful soul songs of our time. A theme for the album soon followed. “Songs from the Soul” was born.

The criteria had narrowed to these simple requirements. This album would be a collection of songs that were soulful, or songs that spoke to the soul. What does that mean? It means songs that speak to the heart. Songs with universal messages of hope – “People Get Ready", compassion – “Takin’ It to the Streets”, support – “Lean On Me”, and love – “Put a Little Love in Your Heart”, “Signed Sealed, Delivered”, “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)”, “Love Train”, and “Love the One You’re With”. Then there are a couple soulful songs that we just had to do because they feel so good. “What You Won’t Do for Love” and “29 Ways”.

This album is for you, our fans, because without you, there would be no us. We hope this album brings you love, support, compassion, and hope… and maybe puts a little smile on your face. Enjoy!